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What’s in a name? Though we are assigned names at birth, there are a number of reasons an individual may choose to change their name. Marriage is the most common catalyst, but others may choose to change their name because they are transitioning to a new gender or have simply decided another name would suit them better. Regardless of the reason, changing your name is perfectly legal in Nevada—though you do have to follow certain procedures to get it done. 

At SmartLaw Las Vegas, our experienced name change attorney in Southern Nevada can help you complete the process correctly, avoid unnecessary delays and penalties, and We can also assist you in other aspects of the name changing process, such as working together to compile a list of who must be notified of your legal name change (the Social Security Administration, DMV, etc.).

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Reasons to Initiate a Name Change

There are many reasons a person may need or want to change their name, such as:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Transitioning to a new gender
  • Religious reasons
  • To make a political statement
  • The desire to have a new name

Fortunately, you don’t need a legal reason or “grounds” to change your name in order to initiate the process. A petition for name change can be granted as long as you have never filed for bankruptcy or had your civil rights revoked and aren’t doing so to escape a criminal charge or debt.

Petitioning for a Legal Name Change in Nevada 

Both minors and adults may petition the court for a name change. Changing one’s name in the state of Nevada involves several steps, including filing a petition and attending a hearing, and it is vital to ensure you have followed the proper procedure.

On your name change petition, you will be asked to provide information such as your:

  • Current address
  • Current legal name
  • Criminal history
  • Education history
  • Residence history
  • Bankruptcy history and creditor judgments
  • Occupation and employment history
  • Former names by which you are also known
  • Names and addresses of any spouses and/or children
  • Parents’ full legal names, including mother’s maiden name

Nevada law requires that name change applicants publish a notice of the change in their local newspaper once a week for three straight weeks, although this can be waived by a judge under certain circumstances.

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While you can legally change your name without the help of an attorney, working with a lawyer can help you streamline the process, saving you time and potential stress. If you think hiring an attorney may be right for you, schedule a free consultation to discuss your options and pricing with Attorney Sean D. Lyttle. Our Las Vegas name change attorney is here to explain the requirements, file the necessary paperwork, and represent you at the court hearing.

Call SmartLaw Las Vegas at (702) 664-8859 for a free case consultation to learn more. We can help you legally obtain a name change for yourself or your loved ones.

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