How to Talk to Your Fiancé About a Prenuptial Agreement

You love your fiancé and you hope your marriage stands the test of time. However, you would also like to take the proper precautions to protect your assets in the event that it fails. Creating a prenuptial agreement probably does not sound like a romantic proposition, but it is one of the most responsible things you and your fiancé can agree to before your trip down the aisle. However, broaching this topic is often challenging, which is why we compiled some tips to help you address it.

Discussing a Prenuptial Agreement

It is crucial to discuss your desire for a prenuptial agreement as early as possible. Saving this discussion with little time to spare for consideration will not inspire confidence from your partner, so try to talk about it sooner rather than later. Remember that this may not be an easy conversation to have, so giving your fiancé plenty of time to learn more about the benefits will help both of you make informed choices, which will set a better foundation for your marriage.

Consider offering the suggestion that you co-create this important legal document. A prenuptial agreement can be a team effort where both parties protect what matters most to them. Moreover, your future spouse will feel confident that this is not a one-sided effort to solely safeguard your assets.

It is also important to reassure your fiancé that creating a prenuptial agreement does not mean you believe your marriage will fail. You might create a prenuptial agreement and never have to use it or think about it again. However, if your marriage fails and you get a divorce, it is better to have an agreement you created during a time of love and peace rather than hash out the details of property and asset division during a time when you may not necessarily have each other’s best interests at heart.

Although proposing a prenuptial agreement might seem like a romance killer, the very act of creating one can bring you closer together. Money is not an easy topic for many couples to discuss. If you can overcome this hurdle, you and your spouse will be in a better place and have a greater chance of a more successful marriage.

Reach Out to Law Office and Get Started on Creating a Prenuptial Agreement

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