How Can I Reduce or Terminate Alimony?

If you were ordered to pay your former spouse alimony, you are probably wondering if it is possible to reduce your payments or terminate it completely. If you or your spouse’s financial circumstances changed drastically, a judge might grant a modification of your alimony payments. However, you will need a skilled attorney to help prove that the changes are enough to warrant a reduction or termination.

Proving a Substantial Change in Circumstances

If you and your former spouse are on relatively amicable terms, you might want to consider discussing the matter of reducing your alimony payments. If you can reach an agreement, this will save you time and money you would otherwise spend on taking the issue to court. That said, if you choose this route, make sure you also go through the appropriate legal channels to ensure it is enforceable.

If you cannot reach an agreement with your spouse regarding alimony reduction or termination, you will need to address the court and prove that you or your former spouse’s financial circumstances changed substantially.

Here are some of the changes a judge will consider:

  • You involuntarily suffered a pay cut or lost your job. If you left your job or took on a lesser paying position voluntarily, a judge will not consider this a substantial change in circumstances and you will still be responsible for making alimony payments.
  • Your ex-spouse remarried or lives with a new romantic partner. Generally, alimony automatically terminates when the receiving party remarries. If your spouse lives with someone new, a judge might terminate alimony payments or significantly reduce your payments.
  • You developed a medical condition or disability that prevents you from earning a living. If the condition is temporary, the reduction in payments may be temporary as well.
  • Your former spouse’s wages substantially increased, lessening the need for alimony.

You must provide proof to back up these claims. For example, if you have a medical condition that prevents you from working, you will need medical records and any other documentation that substantiates your claim.

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No one wants to keep paying alimony for longer than they have to. If you believe your alimony payments must be reduced or eliminated due to a substantial change in financial circumstances, you need to hire an experienced attorney to represent your case and help you navigate the steps of requesting a post-divorce modification. At The Law Office of Sean D. Lyttle, our knowledgeable family law attorney will help you pursue a reduction or termination of your alimony payments, so you can move forward without being unnecessarily financially burdened. Life changes and sometimes the terms of your divorce must change with it, so do not hesitate to act now.

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