Working with Your Co-Parent During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Co-parenting after a divorce always presents some unique challenges for families. However, none of us expected to face the issues spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic as it swept across the globe and shut down our country’s economy. As a divorced parent, you may be wondering how these novel circumstances may impact your child custody arrangement now that schools are closed and only essential employees may leave their homes for work. Although you must continue to comply with your child custody order, it would serve your best interests to be flexible and to manage all of your safety concerns in a reasonable manner.

Co-Parenting Throughout the Pandemic

While you continue to raise your children together throughout the pandemic, it is important to remember that you must comply with the child custody order, despite the stay-at-home orders that are now in effect. Complying with your child custody order is considered essential, especially since it maintains a sense of normalcy for your children during this uncertain and difficult time. That said, if necessary, you should make some adjustments now that all of your schedules have likely changed.

Although it may be trying to exercise patience at this time, you must try to monitor your emotional state and avoid creating tense or explosive situations that may increase your children’s anxiety. You and your co-parent should regularly check in with your children and ask how they are feeling about the current situation. Base the amount of information you provide them on their age and be mindful of sharing only what you believe they can handle. Older children, such as teens, may be able to cope with more information, but younger children may not.

Become Problem Solvers

You will undoubtedly encounter some obstacles throughout the pandemic and it is important to work together to become better problem solvers. You may have to communicate more frequently with your co-parent and coordinate on what you should do if you or the children become ill. Remember, this situation will not last forever, but how you cooperate now can have a lasting effect on your future as a family, so try to keep tensions in check.

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