Should You Tell Your Boss That You’re Getting Divorced?

If you are getting a divorce, you might have already told your family and closest friends about it or are at least planning to. However, you might not be sure if you should divulge this personal information to your boss. Is it unprofessional to discuss it? The short answer is, no, telling your boss about your divorce is not unprofessional as long as you do it properly and in a tone that does not trespass any boundaries.

Read the following tips, so you can approach this delicate topic in a professional manner:

  • Do not overshare any personal details: Divorce can be an emotional subject, but when discussing it with your boss, you should avoid delving into the gory details. The reason why you are telling your boss about your divorce is to let him or her know if and how it might affect your job duties. Are you going through divorce litigation? You will be subject to the court’s schedule, which means you might have to miss work occasionally. Remind yourself that this conversation is not about venting and you will be able to avoid making the mistake of treating your boss like a therapist.
  • Tell your boss about anything that might affect your job: If you know of any upcoming court dates or mediation sessions, share this information with your boss. If you feel that you might need a little extra understanding, time, or attention, be honest, and inform your boss of this as well.
  • Your divorce is not a reason to neglect your work: There is nothing wrong with expecting compassion from your boss, but you still need to do your job. You should never use your divorce as an excuse for failure to perform or deliver the results that are expected of you. Even if your boss gives you a lot of leeway, you should refrain from abusing the kindness and understanding extended to you.
  • Take care of all the appropriate paperwork: In addition to being an emotional process, the path toward divorce is also paved heavily with paperwork. Ask your boss what is required of you. You will likely have to speak with human resources to update your tax information and health care information with your new marital status.

Keep the tone professional and you should be able to navigate this conversation effectively.

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