Potential Child Custody Issues You Might Encounter in the Summer

If this is your first summer as a divorced parent, you and your co-parent will probably encounter a few kinks this season, even if your parenting already addresses how your time with the kids should be divided. Life does not always follow a schedule and last-minute events sometimes come up, creating conflict and stress for both parties and their children.

It is important for divorced parents to know what child custody issues they can expect to face and how they can appropriately navigate them to spare their children unnecessary anxiety.

Here are some potential child custody issues you might encounter this summer and how you might be able to maneuver your way around them:

  • Scheduling conflicts: Your court order probably already has a plan in place that also handles summer break scheduling, so make sure you fully comprehend the details of yours prior to making any plans. You should also be aware of any stipulations that exist regarding how far in advance you need to notify your co-parent of a vacation or holiday that will affect the custody plan. In some cases, summer scheduling is left to the parents and might not be explicitly laid out in a parenting plan. If that is the case for you and your former spouse, cooperation and flexibility are essential tools in ensuring the summer goes smoothly and without you having to end up in court.
  • Poor communication: Even if you and your former spouse are excellent communicators, you should not make the mistake of assuming you are on the same page and do not need to have a meeting to hash out a schedule. If anything, you should take advantage of the fact that you are on amicable terms with one another and meet up for lunch or coffee to talk about your expectations and wishes for the summer. If you are not on amicable terms with your former spouse, correspond through email to ensure you have everything in writing.
  • Issues with child support: It is a common mistake for noncustodial parents to assume that they do not have to pay child support when they have the children for an extended period of time over the summer break. However, even if you have the children for an entire month over the summer, you must still continue to pay child support payments. If you believe the child support order should be temporarily modified during this time, seek one through proper legal channels rather than simply not paying.

As long as you understand your child custody order and keep the lines of communication open with your co-parent, you should be able to effectively navigate most potential obstacles.

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