How to Protect Your Credit During Your Divorce


When a couple gets divorced, they must separate all of their finances and assets. Unfortunately, this aspect can be one of the most heated parts of the divorce, and sometimes, one spouse will attempt to get back at the other spouse by damaging their credit score. It is important to make sure that you cover all of your interests during your divorce proceedings, which is why we explain a few ways that you can make sure your credit rating is safe from your ex.

Run a Credit Check

Before you file for your divorce, you should run a credit check to see which credit accounts have been opened in your name. Immediately report any incorrect information that you come across in your credit check. You should also run another credit check when your divorce case is closed.

Close Your Joint Accounts

You and your ex share responsibility for any debts you have on joint credit accounts. If you fail to close the accounts you share with your spouse, they can continue to accumulate debt or miss payments, which can cause your account to go into default. Make sure you review and close any accounts that you share with your ex.

Tell Your Creditors You’re Getting a Divorce

Once you have paid off or closed your joint credit cards, your next step should be to send a certified letter to your credit card companies and banks that informs them of your divorce. In your letter, ask for a current account statement and state that that you don’t intend to be held liable for any debt on the account after the date on your letter. You also need to ask for your account to be marked inactive to make sure no one can add more charges.

Change Your Address

Most couples decide to live apart until their divorce is finalized. If you move out of your marital home, change your address with your local post office. All of your bills, credit card statements, and other financial correspondences should be forwarded to your new address.

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