The Benefits of Using a Prenuptial or a Postnuptial Agreement

It might not sound romantic, but asking your future spouse to work on a prenuptial agreement with you to protect your futures is one of the most considerate things you can do for one another. Contrary to what people often say, a prenuptial agreement does not mean you believe your marriage will eventually come to an end. It is a way to plan for the worst-case scenario. Think of it this way – when you purchase car insurance, it is not because you believe you are guaranteed to get in a car wreck one day. You buy it and hope you will never use it. Similar reasoning can be applied to a prenuptial agreement as well. You and your future spouse might draft the perfect contract, but there might never come a day when you have to use it.

A postnuptial agreement is a lot like a prenuptial agreement. The only difference is that a postnuptial agreement is made after a couple says, “I do.” If you did not have time to work on a prenuptial agreement before getting married, a postnuptial agreement will help you accomplish the same goals that a prenuptial agreement can.

Here are some of the benefits of a prenuptial agreement:

  • You can protect your property. Prenuptial agreements provide an effective way for each partner to define which properties are to remain separate. In the event of a divorce, you would each be able to keep your separate property without ever having to worry about it ending up on the chopping block if the lines get a little blurry.
  • One of the biggest time sucks in a divorce occurs when couples start warring over property and assets. However, if you have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place that clearly outlines what is separate or marital property, you and your spouse will not have to fuss over the process of property and asset division since it will already have been outlined in your agreement. Therefore, it will save you time, money, and a lot of unnecessary heartache and bickering.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are not just about protecting your assets. These helpful legal documents can also determine each spouse’s liability for certain debts and how they will be distributed between both parties.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are often made during a time in a couple’s life when there is happiness and peace rather than anger or bitterness, as is often seen during the divorce process. As such, the agreement you and your spouse draft is likely to be fairer than anything you would conjure up during mediation. Having this type of agreement in place essentially helps you both look out for one another in case the marriage does not work out.

Begin Working on Your Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement Today!

Are you in the midst of wedding planning? Did you and your love recently tie the knot? Either way, a prenuptial or a postnuptial agreement can strengthen your marriage and protect both of you. At SmartLaw, our legal team will help you and your future or current spouse draft the perfect agreement.

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